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The snowiest, snow, snow, snow…

2011 January 13
Forbes says everyone should pity us for being the second snowiest city in American, but I say embrace the variety. Life would be duller if every day was sunny, and I honestly look forward to the semi-apocolypic news casts and end-of-the-world/cramps-in-my-hands-as-I grip-the-steering-wheel drives to work. Variety, they say, is the tra la la of life. But if you, like me, love the snow, but find yourself falling asleep on the couch at 6:30, here are a few things I’ve found lately (and I’ve been hunting) to keep yourself awake and entertained. If, of course, you don’t mind a slightly scary drive. For the record, No. 1 was Denver. Way to go, Burns and Becky.
Fridays @ 7 — The orchestra is trying to pump up their under-70 crowd, so every Friday they’re having a one-hour orchestra performance bookended on both sides by non-orchestra music, drinks, and appetizers. If you’ve ever listened to NPR, you’ve probably heard this guy’s name about 6,000 times: Franz Welser-Möst. Now you can check out his sweet hair and his even sweeter conducting skills. For some reason, I don’t usually get jazzed to go to the orchestra, but I am always moved– as in transcendentally — when I go.
The Happy Dog This is on my new no-plans, go-to list. Ryan and I have been talking about going here for months, and we finally went last weekend with Erin and Pete. This bar/restaurant in the Detroit shoreway neighborhood has music almost every night, super friendly bar tenders, and a good, mixed crowd of people. Their menu has two items: hot dogs and tater tots, each with a gangling list of festively-titled condiments (see right). Also, check out Ryan hanging with the Elvis lamp, his muse in hair styling. This place is a great winter hangout. 
Music — Here are a few fun shows some friends found.
1) The Hold Steady at House of Blues Cleveland. (Thanks, Pete and Erin) 
2) Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band in Columbus. (Thanks, Kyle)
3) If you’re off on Martin Luther King Day next Monday, Severance Hall is doing a Dr. King tribute with free music all day. It sounds pretty cool.
Tremont Art Walk — Friday night is the next art walk in my neighborhood. If you don’t mind traipsing through the elements, put on your boots and head out.

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