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Sunday Plain Dealer

2014 October 31
by Laura

It takes me like a week to read the Sunday Plain Dealer. We put it on this chair in the corner of our kitchen, and I try to work through it when I have a few minutes free, which doesn’t happen very often. Or there’s something else that needs to be done. Or it gets used as a Play-Doh tablecloth first. But I try to at least read through the front section and Forum. But Ryan always reads the Comics with Nora and Henry before Sunday is out. Which I love.

Nora’s first heartbreak (things that get away)

2014 October 28

This pink balloon made it all the way home from Mitchell’s Ice Cream on W. 25th Street (which is gorgeous, by the way, but also reminds me of my everlasting regret for not visiting Moda when it was a super-sweet looking dance club with an Art Deco marquis on the front). We tried to warn her to keep it inside, but, if you have a toddler, you know  you gotta pick your battles.

And we all know what happened (“My balloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!”):

Saddest picture ever:

We told her it went to visit the moon. But we still had to go for a walk to try to find it. The other day, I was changing Henry in his room, and I heard her playing the uke and singing a song, so I kind of snuck out to listen to the words. “Balloon goes away. Balloon goes away.” And then something about the moon, and I totally should have written it down because it was really pretty.


2014 October 27
by Laura

My, oh my.

Henry Huckleberry. Sweet as pie.




2014 October 26
by Laura

A few Fridays ago, we went to the Bay Homecoming parade because it was only one house away. Toddlers are so adorable in bunches on curbs. Especially when they are Jack, Mae Mae, and Egan.

I’m really trying to talk up marching band, so she won’t play contact sports.

But she’s mostly just interested in eating as many suckers as possible:


October hiking

2013 October 27

We’ve gone on some pretty good hikes lately since we live right across the street from these fantastic Metropark trails. I like to think Snores is into the woods since we did some backpacking while she was in utero. It also explains why she loves The Head and the Heart. We’re hoping that she’ll be so into the woods by the time she’s 10 that she’ll be begging us to take her on the Appalachian Trail (again). Fingers crossed.

Baby in a backpack:

Checking out the leaves:

Sunday was a completely marvelous fall day. Apple cider weather. This is getting me psyched to teach some Emerson and Thoreau in a few weeks!

Post-hiking naptime:

Urban raspberries

2013 October 27

On the grounds of Nora’s recent obsession with raspberries, we went to this raspberry farm that is — oddly — right by the city.

“Blueberries for Sal”-style, she ate most of them while Ryan and I put in the hard labor. We might have overcompensated because I made a pie and we were still eating them for every meal for about a week.

Eating on the job:

Post-storm parade

2013 September 20

There was a massive storm about five minutes before this parade, but I’m so glad we stuck around. Beautiful light and ring pops for everyone.

Puddle stomping:


Road trip: Ithaca, New York

2013 August 11
by Laura

We love hiking in the woods with Nora, so I went searching for a place with a lake, good hiking, and not too much driving distance, and I found Ithaca. We learned that Bemus Point is an excellent place to take a road trip break, that you should never take a 1-year-old out to dinner (but that takeout — especially bread pudding — can be amazing), and that throwing rocks in the river is always a good fall-back plan.

Here’s a shot of Nora at our rental house in the awesome evening light.

Pretty Ithaca:

Out the screen door:

Baby in a backpack running on 6-Mile-Creek Trail:


Baby at the beach:

Nora loved Cayuga Lake:

Lots of: moving, books, trees, and lots

2013 August 11

PACKING WITH A 1-YEAR OLD: This summer has been about saying goodbye to one home and hello to another. Here’s Nora helping pack The Books. I will blame the packing for my failure to post pictures for ALL OF JULY. Sorry.

FOREST CITY to FORESTED CITY: We weren’t sure if we wanted to move from Cleveland to Bay Village, but our Tremont place was getting a little too small, and we were suffering from yardlessness, so we decided to update the house we were renting in Bay and test out the waters here. This is my favorite room so far. It has a hand-blown glass light, new green paint on the door, and a welcome mat that says “I like you.” Come over, and I’ll bake you a cake!

LITERARY LOTS: I am IN LOVE with literary lots. City + books + whimsy?  We’ll pretend I just went because I thought Nora would like it.  A lady who lives in Ohio City is in charge, and she is making little-used or vacant city spaces into super magical literary spots. And they have a bunch of events there every day until next weekend. Here’s the link if you want to go to one: Literary Lots. They’re showing “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” next weekend. We went to the breakfast on Sunday. They had cereal, books, a little tea party area, and this amazingly beautiful mural.

THEY HAD AN OTTER BOOK: Take your kids. Or your dog.

LOT LOVE: Classic Snore face.


What We Do in June

2013 June 28

Sunrise coloring (in yellow, of course):

Morning hair is (in) the cat(‘s) pajamas:

Looking for buses and animals:

Lincoln Park after dinner:

Finding weird things in Tremont, like this arrangement of hundreds of little roses in the gazebo. A guy we don’t know stopped by and told us that kids from the church across the street made it. I like to imagine their hundreds of little fingers placing them there one at a time. So cool.