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The last gorgeous day

2014 November 7
by Laura

My friend Sara and I keep saying that it’s the last gorgeous day of the fall, so we better get outside with our kids one last time. It’s become kind of a joke because we’ve been saying it for a month, and we keep getting amazing days — fall leafy, apple cidery, warm breezy afternoons. Earlier this week, Nora was napping, and I was hanging out in the living room in the splendid afternoon fall-light soaking up one more last gorgeous day. Henry’s at the age when he wants to smile and play all the time, but he can’t really move anywhere, so I spend half my day lounging on the floor with him. I can remember doing this with Nora too. It’s such a temporary but lovely phase. Here’s my Henry, on a quilt on the living room floor.

The debris of Nora’s constant outfit changes, left in the pretty November light:

We went outside after Nora got up. She’s trying to liberate herself from her sweater. 55 degrees? T-shirt weather.

In a rare show of solidarity, Nora decided she should match Henry today. Getting her to lie still for a picture was another story. But check out Henry — he always has his eyes on his sister. He rolls over and grabs whatever he can — a handful of hair, a fist full of tutu. He’s like, “I’m adoooooorable! Hang out with me!”  It’s driving her nuts, but it’s so cute.

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  1. Lynn permalink
    November 7, 2014

    Two beautiful children!

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