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Pretty in Cleveland

2011 January 17

Here are a few pretty, pretty things to check out:

1. If you haven’t been to tiny, tiny Borderline in Lakewood for breakfast, go soon. Ryan and I haven’t gone here in months, so we met my mom and dad there on Saturday. My dad’s obsessed with their potatoes, so I finally tried them, and they are really, really flavorsome. From what I’ve heard, this place is run by two sisters. It’s tiny  and cozy inside, which means there aren’t that many tables, but it’s worth the wait. Good coffee, Mexican themed breakfast (veggie breakfast quesadillas, for example), and polka-dot curtains. I love this place.

2) This lovely, artsy Cleveland blog has some beautiful photos of Cleveland shrouded in snow and this gorgeous song and video. Thanks for sharing pretty things, Dredgers Union!

3) Elephant Six is playing at The Grog Shop on St. Patrick’s Day. I feel like I don’t have the level of hipness required to completely understand what Elephant Six is, but it sounds like their concerts involve 14 people on stage trading instruments, and at least some of them are from Neutral Milk Hotel, which, according to the post-its on the CD’s at a local record store, created the best music to come out of the 90s.  If you haven’t heard of them, listen to “The King of Carrot Flowers.” It’s so (you guessed it) pretty.

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