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“A Father’s [Second] Spring”

2013 June 16

Nora and I are so lucky to have such great fathers in our lives. Hooray for Nora’s dad, my dad, Glen, and Tom, who are all very different, in a good way, for all the different and fantastic things they add to our lives.

I’m in love with this song on the Avett Brothers’ new album┬ácalled “A Father’s First Spring.” Here’s a link to the video. And a few lines:

“Kiss of the wind in the hills,/The clearness, the morning, the late evening thrill/Blurry and grey like the roar/The wheels on the highway above them I soar./When I’m in my sweet daughter’s eyes/My heart is now ruined for the rest of all times/There’s no part of it left to give./There’s no part of it left to give./I never lived til I lived in your light” — A Father’s First Spring, Avett Brothers

Yesterday’s foot-kicking party on the way back from Lucky’s:

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