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“And if a 10-ton truck…”

2011 March 24

WHERE YOU SHOULD BE ON SUNDAY: I’ve been hoping the universe will somehow place me and Ryan next to Dim and Den Sum — Cleveland’s raddest food truck — at a time when I’m hungry, but everytime I walk by, I’ve just (I mean minutes before) eaten. (Maybe I eat too much. Or maybe I eat at 5:30 p.m. too often. I blame my parents).   But, for once, the universe is in order, and Dim and Den Sum’s truck will be in Tremont before most of the city folk have a chance to be full. At 11 a.m. (until 3 p.m.) at Lincoln Park, what looks like a gala, a parade, a festival, a riot of food trucks will commence. They’re calling it “C-Town Chow Down.” Here’s the rest of the list, so far:  Seti’s Polish Boys, Cakes Plus’s – Traveling Treats, Umami Moto, StrEat Mobile Bistro, Jibaro,  Pranzo Forno Wood Fired Pizza,  and Oh! Babycakes.

This is such a good thing for Cleveland. It’s like a whole new industry of eateries, and, though I admittedly don’t know much about food service, it seems like a great way to start a new business, get customers, and it could potentially create all kinds of fantastic jobs for emerging foodartists in what is already a great food town. Ryan and I will be there — let me know if you want to meet up! Click here for the Facebook page with more info. Get some good brunch, support an emerging industry, play in the park,  and, of course, enjoy the drum circle.

THE SMITHS LIKE TRUCKS, TOO: “And if a 10-ton truck/kills the both of us/to die by your side/Well, the pleasure — the priviledge — is mine”

CLEVELAND RENAISSANCE (OR IS IT EARLY MODERN?): Thanks to my former co-worker Jeremy for sharing this one on Facebook: Smithsonian Magazine says more than just the trees are coming back to life in C-town. We’re all about due for a Renaissance. One good line: “Unlike the gaudy attractions of New York or Chicago, which advertise themselves at every opportunity, Cleveland’s treasures require a taste for discovery.”

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