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Brothers, sisters, and other things that make me glad

2011 June 2

AVETT BROTHERS: Ryan and I headed south to Columbus last weekend to hang with Kyle and go to the Avett Brothers concert since they didn’t make it to Cleveland this year.

Good news: the Avett Brothers are still banjo-rific. The banjo, I would argue, is the merriest instrument. And when I’m 95 and dying happily in my sleep while dreaming about my grandma making me a birthday cake, I hope a banjo is playing. The Avett Brothers are, of course, a magnet for other siblings. In addition to Kyle and I, this fun couple from Akron (right) were also brothas and sistas hanging out. Siblings!

SOOOO-CRATES: One of my philosophical seniors sent me the link to this page after we read “The Allegory of the Cave” in class. It’s one of the funniest Web sites I’ve seen in months. Thanks, Philsophy Bro, existentialism has never been more hilarious.

FIRE JUMPING: I’m looking forward to seeing some pals at the Warrior Dash this weekend. I’m maxing out at about 20 minutes of running, so a 5k that involves barbed wire, mud, rivers, and a cargo net should be a harrowing adventure. Luckily, I have no exams scheduled for Monday. I’m pretty jazzed to head down to southern Ohio for the first time in years.

Cheers, friends! I hope you are well.

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