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Buy (rain) boots

2011 February 28

I don’t think there has been an article of clothing that has changed how I conduct my life quite so much as my rain boots. There was a time in my life (between ages 14 and 20) when every pair of pants I owned was mangled, frayed, torn, and, when it was raining, full-on soggy halfway up my leg. Even as an adult, I’ve spent entire days of work with complete and utter sog-foot. There are, of course, worse things in the world, but I can’t get over the complete freedom that comes with rain boots. As a girl of flats and too-long jeans, I’ve stayed in my house for too many springs avoiding giant snow drifts, sidewalks riddled with rainrivers, parks with 4-inch deep puddle-ponds, tip-toeing around like an uncomfortable burglar just waiting for the moment when I’ll slip up and have to live with a 10-hour sentence of wet-jeans ankle until I can get home and change my pants. With my ultra-perky,super-plastic- flower, puddle-jumpin’ boots, I say,  Screw you puddles, I’m stomping through. Get out of my way, snow drift, I’ll knock your head off. Watch out park-lake. I’m jumping in. With boots, spring rocks. And my jeans don’t look quite so crappy.

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  1. Melissa permalink
    March 1, 2011

    Laura, I have too recently discovered the hidden secret of rain boots. Where have they been all our college years when our poor jeans suffered?? Have fun splashing my friend!

    • Laura permalink
      March 2, 2011

      Although, let’s face it, we spent way more time sitting on walls than we spent walking. OU this spring?

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