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December Merriment

2010 December 16

Music:Better Than Ezra play at House of Blues on Thursday at 8 p.m. I’m searching for signs of life, but there’s nobody home.

Friendies: Jenny and Mark’s super fabulous wedding is this Saturday. I’m polishing  up my speech.

Politicomplaining: More reasons to remind myself that I voted for Hillary in the primary. Ugh.

Gradlife: Wednesday was my last Irish Lit class with Jeannie, Mark, Terry, Mim, and Whatever at John Carroll, and I’m taking next semester off for the first time in five years. Read A Star Called Henry if you get a chance.  Also, I might actually have time to read something that’s not required next semester. Suggestions?

Teaching:Ann Marie and I meet our student teacher Carson tomorrow after school. We hope he is witty, hard-working, and likes tea. Looking for possible nicknames for the wee student.

Counting:  Two days until break, and one of them is ugly Christmas sweater day.

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