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Friday Night Biking: Joy, Yellowcake, and the new entrance to Hogwarts

2011 July 16

BIKES: Last night Ryan and I were going to go to Little Italy. Instead we rode our bikes around Cleveland for three hours. It’s pretty interesting to see C-town up close and personal. I mean, if you got out of the boats and walked around It’s a Small World, it’d probably look different, too (smaller somehow?). Anyway, we stopped in some pretty rad locations, made it home in time for dinner at Lincoln Park Bistro, and ran into a few friends along the way (good to see you, Kevin, LIG, Adam, and Adam’s sister). Here are a few things you can check out on your own bicycle trip around Cleveland.

RYAN MILLER, local bike model

YELLOWCAKE: this lovely gypsy boutique is hard to keep track of because it keeps moving, but it’s worth it if you like cupcakes, charming skirts, and fabulously-decorated girlstores. Right now, it’s on W. 25th Street, right next to Joy Machines and Ohio City Burrito.

JOY MACHINES: This jazzy, new, local bike shop is run by two guys you will love to trust with your bike. Adorably amiable and seemingly knowledgable: nice combo.

DREDGER’S UNION: We stopped on 4th street to check out the Danielle Deboe’s stunning new store. The inside is gorgeous, like a miniature old-Cleveland department store packed with local designers and trendos from out of town. This place is perfectly done.

MORE OF THE UNION: The downstairs-in-progress at the bottom of the grand staircase looks like the Cleveland entrance to Hogwarts.

THE HERMIT CLUB’S HERMITAGE: I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t completely understand what the Hermit Club is, but it’s located in an uber-German looking building hidden in a corner of Playhouse Square. It appears to be some sort of secret theatre club that’s been around since the early 1900s.

EUCLID and E. 6th at 7 p.m.(ish)

OHIO CITY FARM: I can’t believe I never noticed this before! We stopped to check out this 6-acre urban farm in the middle of Ohio City. It’s near the Market, right behind the CMHA Riverview Complex.

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