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Front porch sittin’

2011 June 14

FREE MUSIC: Aside from the bad-assery that comes from being an independent bookstore that stays afloat and has a Walt Whitman quote cut out of metal in front of it, Tremont’s Visible Voice Books also has music on its garden courtyard pretty much every weekend in the summer. Last weekend Ryan and I were wandering by on Friday night when the sound of bluegrass pretty much fish-hook-in-the-lipped us from across the street. The patio was so packed people were standing by the gates overflowing onto the sidewalk. According to Greg (whose shirt identified him by another name altogether) the band is called Front Porch and made up of a bunch of BW professors. The only drawback? They ran out of wine glasses. BYOG, indeed. Anyway, if it’s a nice night, and you’re looking for some free music, a copy of “Light in August,” and some porch sittin’, this is your place.

FUN CLEVELAND NEWS: Check out this article on all-kinds-of-creative Danielle Deboe who’s trying to bring retail back to downtown. If 10 percent of us were this innovative, the world would be more jarring, clever, and colorful. Also, check out the “100 days in Cleveland” project in which a local artist tries to draw something fabulous in Cleveland every day for 100 days. You can also buy prints on Etsy.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 15, 2011

    I didn’t even know they had an upstairs! I like to think it’s like Professor Trelawney’s clsasroom. Everything about that place is amazing.

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