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Getting so much better all the time

2011 March 13

I’ve been supersick all weekend, but that didn’t stop me from gallivanting all over my neighborhood Friday night with Ryan. It did, however, stop me from doing anything like gallivanting all day Saturday and Sunday. And I was so sad to miss two hours of straight tap (I mean that without a shred of sarcasm). Even though I’m secretly kind of excited that the Warrior Dash has coincided with the tap recital this year because Mimi’s extravagance in choreography is just a little too reminiscent of her Rockette days and might lead to even more embarrassment than a tap recital for a 30-year-old might typically entail. (Photo left: Professor street on Art Walk Friday). That being said, here are a few fun new things I’ve found recently:

Another Sugarshop in Tremont: Ryan and I stopped by the temporary but gorgeous Yellowcake store on Professor Friday. Cleveland designer Valerie Mayen of Project Runway fame has the storefront across from Pinky’s Daily Planner decked out in warm light, complimentary cupcakes, and beautifully designed coats. One of my fabulously talented students has been working for her, and I applaud any designer who’s willing to give a talented young person a chance. She also uses local sew-folk, donates some of her profits every year to charity, and started an organization called Buzz & Growl  where young designers can get access to professional equipment. Check out Mayen’s blog or her store on Etsy. Mayen’s site says she’s a transplant — we’re lucky to have her in Cleveland. (Photo right: Yellowcake’s shop on Professor is open again next weekend, Mayen said.)

Adorable Art: I’m in love with Cleveland artist and illustrator Barry Gott’sbuildings on legs. I just bought the Tremont version a few weeks ago at an arts fair in Ohio City, but he has plenty of other fabulous Cleveland-centric illustrations. I also love this one, called Winter Fox. When it comes to animals, doesn’t everyone kind of fancy the fox? I just read in “National Geographic” that people are keeping them as pets. Not surprising, really. They’re almost as adorable as Gott’s buildings. Cleveland has never been cuter.

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