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Lots of: moving, books, trees, and lots

2013 August 11

PACKING WITH A 1-YEAR OLD: This summer has been about saying goodbye to one home and hello to another. Here’s Nora helping pack The Books. I will blame the packing for my failure to post pictures for ALL OF JULY. Sorry.

FOREST CITY to FORESTED CITY: We weren’t sure if we wanted to move from Cleveland to Bay Village, but our Tremont place was getting a little too small, and we were suffering from yardlessness, so we decided to update the house we were renting in Bay and test out the waters here. This is my favorite room so far. It has a hand-blown glass light, new green paint on the door, and a welcome mat that says “I like you.” Come over, and I’ll bake you a cake!

LITERARY LOTS: I am IN LOVE with literary lots. City + books + whimsy?  We’ll pretend I just went because I thought Nora would like it.  A lady who lives in Ohio City is in charge, and she is making little-used or vacant city spaces into super magical literary spots. And they have a bunch of events there every day until next weekend. Here’s the link if you want to go to one: Literary Lots. They’re showing “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” next weekend. We went to the breakfast on Sunday. They had cereal, books, a little tea party area, and this amazingly beautiful mural.

THEY HAD AN OTTER BOOK: Take your kids. Or your dog.

LOT LOVE: Classic Snore face.


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