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Music Saves (my Saturday night) and the return of my record player

2011 February 27

I’ve been meaning to head out to Music Saves on Waterloo, but my turn table has been out of commission since December*. Ryan decided to galavant with the boys tonight, so at the last minute I needed some Saturday night in Tremont entertainment: the perfect night to head over to Music Saves. The store is just a few doors down from the Beachland Ballroom, and you’ll love it even standing outside of it — when I got there the Papercuts were playing over the speakers, so I stood there for a minute while Ryan pulled the car into the giant snowdrift on the side of the road (bad day for flats — booo…). Inside, all the records are in shiny, clear sleeves, and everything is prettily labeled and clean. It’s a nice place. I love a dusty record store as much as the next girl, but this is a welcome alternative. The store isn’t huge, but they have a great collection of new (and used) records. In the new section: Beruit, Blitzen Trapper, Belle and Sebastian, The Black Keys, The Decemberists, etc… I didn’t get all the way through the alphabet because I had to get Ryan to the Happy Dog by 7 ish, but so far it looks like a pretty great selection. So my plan for Saturday night is this: with a finished paper in my back pocket, the  bottle of wine I just picked up from the wine shop across the street, and a new Black Keys record, it’ll probably be a decent evening. Happy Saturday, friends.

The Black Keys and Ann Marie say: “We’re from Ohio!”

New food find: try the chewy caramel pecan cookies at the cupcake shop at the West Side Market. They are simultaneously crunchy and chewy, warm and soft, sweet and salty. It’s kind of a sensory experience.

*I dropped it off at Play it Again, Sam where the service is never anything but intolerably crabby, but where I — after more than a month of waiting — got my Technics back for a mere $1.55; worth the hassle in my opinion.

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