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Seeing 6 p.m.

2011 February 5

Friday Night Waits: Ryan and I were walking home from dinner last night when we realized it was 6 p.m., and it wasn’t completely, entirely dark out yet. It seems like a miracle every year when the day finally gets longer, and now that we’re in February, spring is not so far away. This year, I cannot wait, so I’m waiting for any sign of life. Hurray for the rotation of the earth! Photo left: Starkweather Avenue in the February semi-light.

Turkish Food: Around the corner from us is the Istanbul Grill, which started as a completely dilapidated storefront when we first moved in a year ago, and now it is glowing, warm and lovely. Ryan and I strolled over last night (literally, it’s around the corner on Professor) . We’ve been there a few times before, and I’m never quite sure what to get there (except Baklava, which is kind of a given). And I haven’t settled in on The One — the food that is so amazing that I’ll get it every time I go. So I consulted Scene, which recommended the appetizer that involves tubes of warm filo dough filled with feta cheese and parsley, which were, of course, as good as they sound. They have some interesting veggie dishes like Okra Stew, and, if you like grilled, seasoned meats, this is your place. You can get them on a plate with some rice or melting into a yogurt and tomato sauce. Overall, it’s pretty delicious. And I’m not just saying that because we’re neighbors. Photo right: Istanbul Grill at sunset on Professor.

Poetry Slam: I spent my Friday night at the poetry slam at my high school. They had a great turnout, and I’m always awed by the energy that comes along with poetry slams — kids yelling and getting on their feet like they’re at a championship basketball game, but they’re moved by their friends’ words, which sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s literal; it is stunning what comes from the minds of some of these kids. Their writing reminded me of how young people can see stories and beauty in things that adults learn to ignore out of routine or lack of imagination or preoccupation with dry cleaning, gym guilt, and sink repairs. Of course, some of them also dispense way to much information, like the kid who made Jake avert his eyes in distress, grimace, and say out loud: “Jesus Christ.” When that kid made to the second round, we were a little worried. And our fears were realized when the topic of his poem was the objectification of women. Literally, one of the lines was, “Sex, sex, sex.” Ahh, well.  A learning experience for some of the less experienced, I suppose.  Yawp! Photo left: Teacher shot on the stage.

Saturday: Looking for something to do today? Go to the West Side Market for lunch or groceries, and stop across the street at the Valentine’s Market at the United Bank Building — it’s a collaboration of Room Service, Bazaar Bizarre & Salty Not Sweet.

You, yes you: Congratulations to Sara, John, and Jack, may you be the happiest happy little family. Moffat we’re glad to have you back at the high school and psyched we finally figured out your catch phrase. Goodtimes! Ryan, congrats on your lifetime high bowling score this week — the elbow injury was worth it in the end. Mark and Jen — I hope your weekend is magical, but not too Magical.  Jake, completely enjoyed your costume last night, and Ann Marie, completely enjoyed that you spent the night making rhetoric jokes, and that your students all got them. Have a good weekend, friends!

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