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Walking defiantly and other weather-related rebellions

2013 April 3

ARTSHOT:This is Ryan and I outside one of the more curious of the galleries in Tremont: Doubting Thomas.


FARMER’S MARKET: Winter isn’t done with us, but we’re done with winter. So, despite the fact that it’s been in the 30s for most of spring break, we’ve been bundling up and heading outside. The Tremont Farmer’s Market opened this week. Ryan picked up some jerk spice, and I bought $7 worth of cheddar cheese from this guy who told us all about his cows that only eat the most pristine of grasses and live to be 115 in cow years. I’m kind of a sucker for a good salesman. It might be cold, but at least we got a little blue-sky time. It’ll be better in the summer, but if you’re interested, it’s open every Tuesday night in Lincoln Park. In the summer there are usually food trucks, bands, dogs, and a few extra hippies.

BACK TO THE ZOO: Ryan’s been working most of the week, so this is what Nora and I have been up to: hanging out in the living room and checking out the rainforest at the zoo. We.are.regulars. Since we have a zoo pass, it’s free to go, so I basically treat it like our neighborhood park while it’s still cold outside. We literally go about once a week. But I figure otters, orangutans, giant palm fronds, and 80-degree heat is better than watching more Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Also, it makes me want to move to a rainforest.

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