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2012 March 14

BURIED IN BOOKS: If you’ve been around me anytime since January, you’ve heard me angst it up about my comp exams. So thanks, again, for tolerating me.  I’m not sure if I was more concerned about the test itself or going into labor before I could take it. But regardless, until last Saturday,  I literally read every day (some days for 12 hours, no kidding)  since my winter break. Except for President’s Day.  I’m not that into the presidents, I just really needed a break. And some Lucky’s. Here are the piles of books I read with the ever-enduring team contemporary. Thank you Claire, Jeannie, Mark, and Andrew, without whom I would never have understood the difference between bricolage and bricoleur, why body knowledge is so important, and how nothing (NOTHING!) is outside the text. In the meantime, I will patiently check my email 172 times a day waiting for the lovely Debby Rosenthal to tell me whether I passed.  Here is what we read:

A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN: I might be more mentally prepared to discuss the end of the grand narrative than to take care of an infant, but nevertheless, we’re getting pretty excited for the small human who will reside in this room. Her middle name may or may not be Clementine, but one thing is for sure: she will be surrounded by books. Hopefully she likes to read, to0. It’s going to be one fun summer; I better pick up that zoo pass.  The countdown as of today: 32 days.

WINDOWS OPEN and YOU, YES, YOU: Somehow Cleveland missed winter this year. It might be global warming, but I’m going to take it as an auspicious sign of good things to come instead. Although Christine’s going to be in town soon, so there will probably be a blizzard this weekend. Christine, Melissa, Tim, Kyle, and Krystin — can’t wait for all of you to visit Cleveland in the next few weeks! Pasta and Allison — congrats on the big news. We’re super jazzed for you! Thanks to my adorable newspaper staff for throwing me my first ever surprise party and a better shower than any teenager should be capable of coordinating, and thanks to my mom for planning my shower for this weekend. Pete and Erin — we better wear the Kitty Kat Club shirts while we still can! Looking forward to a superfantastic end-of-season celebration of our mediocrity.

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