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Mamma Mia!

2009 November 14

mamma%20mia[1]I’ll warn you by saying that this recommendation comes from a obsessive Glee! fan, but if you haven’t seen Mamma Mia at Playhouse Square, you should probably go tomorrow. At musicals, I’m usually bored by intermission, and I’ve never considered myself an ABBA fan, but this show is amazing.  It’s about a daughter living in Greece with her single mother. The daughter, Sophie, is about to be married and has invited her three clueless, prospective fathers to her wedding under the guise that her mother wants to see them again. She’s hoping to find out which one is her real father. The problem? Even her mother doesn’t know.

This show is such fantastic fun. The balding guy in front of me seat-danced for the entire first act. He might have kept on going, except that he and his wife seat-snatched a few open seats in a better location, so we didn’t get to watch them. Ryan and I did the same thing about five minutes later. There is a dance sequence with about 20 guys in wet suits stomping around in flippers. There’s a wedding. The music is both beautiful and high-energy fun. And the Palace Theater is kind of badass as far as theaters go. If you miss this one, Wicked is coming up soon (it starts Nov. 18), and I’ve heard that’s pretty good too. At least the solo of “Defying Gravity” that they did on Glee! this week was.

Tonight: The Buckeye Beer Engine in Lakewood

Sunday Brunch Tip: Try Lucky’s. Do it.

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